Data Integration with the Le Pichon Lab!

We are very excited to announce that we have gotten together with Claire Le Pichon's Lab , who used different methods to perform similar experiments in parallel to our work. While the markers that they chose to validate were slightly different from ours, the data are extremely concordant and reinforce the fundamental nature of our collective findings. We are currently working to integrate the datasets and make them all publicly available for browsing via cellxgene, as well as for download as a processed and integrated file. Look out for more exciting work from the Le Pichon lab moving forward, and follow Dr. Le Pichon and first authors Mor Alkaslasi and Zoe Piccus on twitter!

This work was carried out by the Gitler Lab, in collaboration with the Kaltschmidt and Greenleaf Labs.

Blum et al. 2021--read the paper here.

A parallel study was conducted by the Le Pichon Lab

Alkaslasi et al. 2021--read the preprint here