Human Motor Neuron Data

A recent paper detailing the transcriptomic diversity of the spinal cord made suggested that motor neurons were more abundant than expected, diverged highly from mouse motor neurons, and were heavily enriched for cytoskeletal transcripts implicated in ALS. Here we report contradictory results--that human motor neurons are rare in the spinal cord, can be divided into known subtypes, and share a common signature with mouse motor neurons. We further re-analyzed their data and provide evidence that their conclusions about motor neurons are the result of a technical artifact in the data. Please see read more on biorxiv here. We have made all of our sequencing data available on GEO, and all R objects are available for download from this site in the "More Information" tab. All analysis code is available on our GitHub repository

This site hosts data generated by the Gitler lab and the Le Pichon lab

Blum et al. 2021--read the paper here.

Alkaslasi et al. 2021--read the paper here

Gautier, Blum et al. 2023--read the preprint here